Our repertoire is selected by the Musical Director with input from the committee and members of the orchestra. For each concert, the soloist’s performance is usually decided first. The other works on the program are then developed to produce a coherent and attractive program. We try not to repeat works within a four-year period. Works with similar orchestration are generally chosen to maximise participation from orchestra members in that program. We try to program at least half of each concert with works that employ all orchestra members, including brass and percussion, although on occasion we may schedule an all classical program with minimal requirements for brass players. In this case the membership fee is reduced appropriately for those players affected. Every two years we perform a program with several local choirs.

A list of works that have been performed by the orchestra may be found on the Library page.

Results of the survey following the March 2017 concerts, including suggestions for new repertoire, are here. This resulted in new guidelines for repertoire selection available here.

If you would like to play particular pieces of music, please complete and submit the form below. We plan concerts up to 18 months in advance (starting in July each year), so it may be some time before your suggestions can be adopted, assuming that the works are within the orchestra’s capability. Many of the works we play are the result of players’ suggestions.

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